Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Where its at!

Ahh haaa, I tricked you all, I"m back, for a limited time only.

It's an addiction, well if it is , i've done a serious cold turkey rehab programme.

Anyhooo so i've been missing for while, you know , cat stuff and action. I'm just going to tell you through image now.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It's an addiction.

Technically today is the last day of blog entry. Now hands up how many of you are going to continue this! Come on, I know you lot are. As much as you deny that you check your comments each day, you really do just as frequently as your emails. I admit that it is rather addictive. I can’t help putting comments on your blogs and laughing my arse of at the silly photos.
So we will see who’s in it for the long run.
I really wanted more angsty feedback from global randoms. They are always a laugh. Maybe I need to be a lot more controversial and up with the play. Really the goal is to appeal to a wider audience. I guess appealing to 11 of you doesn’t quite make the global grade. It's a lot of effort to be constantly out there and in your face. I'm far to much of a back of the bus rider for that. Oh well who knows what direction to take next. I guess you will have to read and see.


I truly hate narration with a vengeance. I know what your thinking, 'what the chick who has the never ending external monologue, the one chick radio show', no way, she never shuts up!
Well after spending 2 whole days writing narration and losing it off the computer this morning, I never ever want to attempt it again. Dam you vulture culture.

Now if the task was to have a free running commentary on ‘the dog race’ like a sports event, well that’s right up my alley. Me and Draino had some great lines for it ready and waiting. I hate how every word is preconceived and calculated, hence that is what narration is, but I prefer more free styled, sporadic comments with some cheese, bad puns and one liners chucked in for effect, finished off with a quick pointless personal reflection to end. Or the classic "In a world , where one man must over come all odds to save the only thing he loves....." Ahhhh thats definately how I'm going to open a natural history film.

Narration….. naaahhh.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Go Team Go!!

Ahhh tomorrow is the finale for our great little team of champs. I really love Jinty's blog about us. Even though we might not have that killer mind set, we make up for it in determination and positivity. Yeah Go Team Go! Muppets feel our rath tomorrow.

What makes us such a unique team is that we are a super-multisport team who can rise to any sporting challenge. Sure we will start off crap but we eventually get it together and work out some sort of strategic plan, just like the old 1-2 aye coach Marshall! That's what I'm talking about , 'It's Technique'.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Full circle back to those bees again!!!

Ok so why has it taken me so long to get the hint that there's something major going on with this idea. Mark can see potential and I guess you others can, so it sounds like a go-er. But we haven't throwen away those cats just yet. There's always room for expansion and those cats might just come back with a vengance. We are still mapping our characters out and it could go either way at this point. The task is finding out how it is all going to piece together, do you stick with one or do you find a common thread in all three and string it into one? Taking into account that you only have 24mins. Is this possible? Back to the white board Marky Mark.

Cheers for all your lovely honey reviews. I will pass them onto the Bee man himself, Blair. That little honey shed is a perfect film set/studio, very sticky but dam it smells great and i can't keep my fingers out of those honey vats.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Teams Teams Teams.

My problem is that I commit to too many teams and never really totally devote myself to one (with the exemption of Frisbee Golf which was a 3 year love affair). Ok so far we have a ping pong, badminton, soccer, D&D group and now that summer is coming i will have to commit to the Lawn Bowls team. Where is the time for all these, hence skool rules my life and i have a film to deliver, well to start really.

Great to see the other night that NZ destroyed Wales in the lawn bowls finals. . Indeed the profile of players in lawn bowls these days has stepped up more than a few notches. There are wanna be Beckhams strutting their stuff with low-riding trousers and mowhaks, Lawn bowls is becoming streetwise.Don't worry Laura, Scotland is still the hottest team. Wales however is still giving the sport bad press with their daggy outfits and balding men. NZ, AUS and Scotland have the package.

These undervalued teams are great entertainment with added perve value just like tennis, even the olympic curling teams had hotties (again Scotland is at the top). Last night Morris said that Russia's womens curling team had great.... technique.

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to get you all hot under the collar with a bit of verbal ref abuse on the side. I'm learning the art of this gradually.

jelly wrestling in leotards.

great to hear you all want me and Mark to jelly wrestle, and in leotards too, great request. It will be kicking off this weekend, so book tickets NOW!

Ahh so the pitches huh, well they weren't to bad really. Me and Mark were going to bring the house down with our 'Stray Cats' dance routiene in leopard leotards, but unfortunately at the last minute Mark suffered a groin injury while rehearsing the 'swazey' leap into the audience. I think it was the tension of his tights that were to blame. Ahh Mark you are a man of many talents.

Alround the pitches were great, we have definately improved kids. How about we do another round where we have to improvise each others. Wicked I want to create a music video for Lou and Sarah's Beech tree, (you know what song to use dont you!) and then make an action slaughter short flick of Dywane's. Someone should turn ours into a catfood commercial. Ahhh soo much talent, so many possibilities.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dear Blog, Sorry!

Dear Blog, sorry I have neglected you for so long, yes I have become completely pre-occupied with those two Blokes and other infatuations such as shops, boat sheds, old men and all things mint green. I know I have spent most of my time with them..... yes laughing at their quirks and falling for their charms, but believe me when I say they are finally out of the picture, they are burnt to disc and finished with. I promise I will devote my attention back to you. sorry , forgive me.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hey! Old Man.

So the team is all paired up. Yip its me and my character companion Mark. We just need to fall in love with a mutual character, so we don't have to jelly wrestle over it.
How about "Most Extreme Southern Characters". That's bound to excite 4 people in the Southland. Its a countdown of weird and wacky characters who go to extremes just to be.... well, weird and wacky out there chracters.
Like 'Junk Man', 'Cat Lady', 'Old Geeza', 'Bush Wooky', 'Shed Hermit', and many more. A show piece glorifiyng there uniquesness. Its a winner dam it. Why didn't I pitch this. Or a series called 'The Character Hunter', in which we search the country for the most perfect characters for a ridiculous sit com. Come on show ponies, we're hunting you down.

So I was working on this old man idea for my music video, which didn't really work out due to the lack of old men out there willing to let me expoilt them, fair enough, so i packed that idea in and moved onto BLOKES. Yip real good old kiwi blokes. Now they are all super willing to play it up for the camera. So I found two who are brilliant and I barely had to direct due to their natural talent. The scenarios I came up with were actually their daily routienes which consisted of; pub, place bets at the TAB, pool, fill the crates, more TAB, a bit of footy and so on. So they were born for the role. 'Blokes' will be coming your way soon, stay tuned.